Autorun files with autorun.inf and StarterFile

The solution to autorun files

StarterFile was created in 1995 as the solution to a problem. The Windows autorun.inf feature only opened files with an extension of .exe or .com. We wanted to open files with other extensions such as .html, .pdf and so we created StarterFile.

StarterFile was more successful than we could ever have imagined and it is used by thousands of companies worldwide to enable files to be automatically run from CD and other removable media such as USB sticks or drives.

StarterFile enables the limitations of autorun.inf to be overcome and supports autorun of file types including HTML, PDF, Powerpoint and Flash.

StarterFile opens the application on the PC which is associated with the file extension of the file in autorun.inf.

Autorun.inf and how to use

An autorun.inf file to open start.htm

open=starterfile.exe start.htm

An autorun.inf file to open start.pdf

open=starterfile.exe start.pdf

autorun.inf, starterfile.exe, and the file to be opened, should all be written to the root directory of the CD or removable media. More examples.

What our customers

Some of the many nice things that our customers say.

"For me, StarterFile is a good solution."
Mike Kubanek, Director Customer Satisfaction Siemens ICN

"We are using the product and it is wonderful, easy to use and does exactly what we were looking for."
Denise McGonigal, Planning Analyst

"By the way, I think starterfile.exe is a great program. I like it because it is seamless."
Geoff March

"We have purchased Starterfile from you, and it's a great little tool."
Martin Taylor, Saunders Partnership Architects

"Congrats on a really simple application."
Peter Stanford.

"At last! an autorun program that is simple and easy to use."
Robert Rainey

"It just works.
No 400-page user manual, no calls to tech support.
I just read the simple instructions, and it worked right away.
Jose Leary, Systems Engineer

"StarterFile is the app I've been looking for. It's so easy to implement, and it really expands the toolset for creating self running applications. I've always believed incorporating HTML, Flash, QT or MPEG movies could enable easy development of CD-ROM application, but before StarterFile existed, there was no simple way of getting these applications to self run. StarterFile enables all of our web tools to become CD-ROM development tools."
Richard Lin, CEO 3Forces Digital, Inc.